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It is with great sadness that we inform you that Philip passed away in October 2014. The website lives on in his memory, and remains a great source of pride for Philip's family. The contact email address is still intermittently monitored, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you would like to organise a walk, please contact Clive Bettington via email: clivebettington at - all the information below is preserved as Philip left it, but not for booking a tour.

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Phil!One of my walkling groups in a forgotten rural corner of Mile EndJewish walking tours with Phil.....are you a visitor to London, or maybe a family/individual/club/organisation wishing to discover the Jewish East End of London or Jewish Soho in London's West End? If so, I would love the opportunity to take you round.  My fee is modest and my enthusiasm is boundless. I lead tours around Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Stepney Green, Jewish Soho and more.  If you have a particular interest you wish to explore please let me know.  On the right is a photo of a recent walking tour visiting a forgotten rural corner of Mile End. Do you recognise it? For more information, photos and details of pre scheduled tours please click tours. You can also read about a recent walk for Sutton and District synagogue here. To enquire about a group or individual tour please e.mail Phil 
All my customers are entitled to a 10% discount off a meal at London's premier Kosher restaurant: Restaurant 1701 located in the secluded courtyard of historic Bevis Marks Synagogue, Bevis Marks, London EC3A 7LH.  Ask me for your discount card.
"How lovely are your tents oh Jacob, your dwelling places oh Israel!"
If you love Klezmer, you'll love this: Klezmer Klub concert
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Wedding Canopy and Purim scroll Inside Sandys Row synagogue
Above: Purim scroll, Below: Wedding Canopy in Bevis Marks Inside Sandy's Row synagogue facing the Ark

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The Lodzer cafe, 97 Sidney StreetSite Map - An outline of the information on each page of my Jewish East End of London website is detailed under the page headings below. The pages can be opened from the headings at the top of each paragraph.

To the left is a photo of the Lodzer Cafe, once located at 97 Sidney Street.  The owner came from Lodz, hence its name.  It was well known to Polish Jewish immigrants



Jewish Walking tours with Phil
If you would like me to give you a guided walking tour of the Jewish East End of London or perhaps of Jewish Soho in the West End of London, please get in touch: Phil  Read more about my tours on this page. You can read about a walk I led for Sutton and District synagogue  
All my customers are entitled to a 10% discount off a meal at London's premier Kosher restaurant: Restaurant 1701 located in the secluded courtyard of historic Bevis Marks Synagogue, Bevis Marks, London EC3A 7LH.  Ask me for your discount card.
Jewish News One take a walk with me around Spitalfields
I recently took news reporter Cindy Martin of internet television channel Jewish News One on a walk around Jewish Spitalfields in the East End of London.  Places visited included Sandys Row synagogue and the Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor in Brune Street. A very cold day, but great fun!
Mazeltov to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth on attaining her Diamond Jubilee  See this page to view the National Anthem in Hebrew on an extract from the 1892 Consecration Service of New Road synagogue
Unusual items that have caught my attention in my travels round the Jewish East and West Ends of you have something you would like to add to this page?  e.mail: Phil
Emmanuel Litvinoff 1915 - 2011, acclaimed poet, author and East End chronicler
Emmanuel Litvinoff remembered.  Photos and more
Fame at last!
In the Jewish Chronicle, Rev Leslie Hardman, Mile End and Bow synagogue
40 Hanbury Street, a Jewish story
The story of the inhabitants of 40 Hanbury Street.  Their successors and descendants is our story
19thC & early 20thC street scenes and more
An important archive of early 20th and late 19th century Jewish East End of London photos has come into the possession of The Jewish East End Celebration Society (Jeecs).  Selected photos are reproduced.
Hyman Lubel, died for KIng and Country in 1918
The poignant story of a Mile End boy remembered on the Stockwell War Memorial, South London
Levy Bros, Matzo bakers - the oldest shop in London
Take a stroll down Widegate Street for a look at the 'oldest shop in London'
Princelet Street - an East End street that tells the Jewish story
A stroll along Princelet Street -  the street that talks back!
Princelet Street - premises of Lipman's shoe shop
Did you know that Princelet Street Synagogue was also the premises of a shoe repairer?  Neither did I, but I do now!
The story behind my website
What it says on the tin!
The Belasco family
A long letter with Bevis Marks connections that deserves its own webpage
Bygones - an East End Eulogy
Just as it says...
Jewish moment in the mountain village of Castelo Rodrigo, Portugal
I meet a Marano Jew.
London's Jewish East End Home Page
History of Jewish settlement in London's East End with photos and information on Fieldgate Street Synagogue, Nelson Street Synagogue, Bevis Mark Synagogue, Beaumont Grove (South West Essex Reform) Synagogue, Princelet Street Synagogue,  Sandy's Row Synagogue, Bethnal Green Great Synagogue, Brady Street Cemetery.  Photos of Jewish sites around the Brick Lane/Petticoat Lane/Aldgate & Whitechapel areas.  Addresses of East End of London Synagogues.
Alice Model Nursery, Beaumont Grove, Stepney
The appeal booklet reproduced on this page tells you all about it.
Around the East London Synagogue
A Jewish tour round the Stepney Green area.  Photos and commentary on the East London Synagogue in Rectory Square, Stepney Jewish School, Stepney Orthodox Synagogue, 7th Stepney Scout troop, Reverend Mendel Zeffertt of the East London Synagogue and more. Photos include rare black and white views of various Jewish scenes.
Around Jewish Spitalfields
Photos and commentary on sites of Jewish interest in and around the Spitalfields area, including information on Bud Flannagan, Central Foundation Girls school in Spital Square, Old Castle Street Synagogue, Brick Lane Beigal shop, Vine Court Synagogue, Princelet Street Synagogue, Miriam Moses, Machzike Hadass Synagogue, Mossy Marks deli, Phil Kay's London Sack and Bag Company, Blooms restaurant and more.
Around Jewish Soho in London's West End
Can you follow my route?
Around Mile End and the Sephardim
A photographic tour and commentary of the two Sephardi cemeteries in Mile End - Old Velho and Novo Beth Chaim cemeteries.  Photos and commentary on Albert Stern House - the former Sephardi old peoples' home that backs onto the Old Velho cemetery in Mile End.  Photos of Mile End Place.
Around Nelson Street, Anna Tzelniker
Some history of Nelson Street Synagogue (also known as East London Central Synagogue) together with photos of the interior.  Photos and commentary about veteran Yiddish actress Anna Tzelniker speaking in 2003 to an audience inside Nelson Street Synagogue.  Photos of sites of Jewish interest close by to Nelson Street Synagogue.  Scenes from Nelson Street Synagogue, filmed on Jewish heritage day 2007 when author Bernard Kops read samples of his work, can be viewed here: Nelson Street
Alderney Road Cemetery in Mile End
The story of Alderney Road Jewish Cemetery in Mile End, opened 1696 and closed 1852, with photos and commentary.
Aldgate Pump and all stops East
Dr Cyril Shearer recalls his pre War East End childhood.
A walk down Maiden Lane to Bancroft road burial ground
Discover the curious story of Covent Garden's Maiden Lane Synagogue and its abandoned cemetery at Bancroft rd, Mile End - with a footnote on the Western Synagogue and photos of their cemetery (closed since 1884) located in Queen's Elm, Brompton Rd, Chelsea.
A walk around Stepney & Mile End
A gentle stroll around my favourite part of the Jewish East End - including information on Daniel Mendoza and Henry Cooper.
Bancroft Road burial ground in Mile End & a serious assault in...1826!
A real curiosity - can anyone throw further light on this?
Basil Henriques - an East End hero
An appreciation of the great man's life.
1930s Scenes from the Oxford & St George's Summer camps at Goring on Sea
Visit Highdown Hill, Goring on Sea with Sir Basil Henriques for the annual Summer camp with the East End boys and girls of the Oxford and St George's Settlement.
Battle of Cable Street remembered
Dr Fenton's father was there on 4th October 1936.  Read his anecdotes.
Bevis Marks Selichot Service
The story of a late night/early morning Selichot Service at Bevis Mark Sepahrdi Synagogue with photos and commentary.
Bevis Marks Sephardi Celebration
The story of a concert of Sephardi Music at Bevis Marks Sephardi synagogue with photos and commentary.  Brief background information on Sephardi settlement in the UK.
Bonn's kosher hotel, 12 Great Prescott Street
A gem of a photo and a fascinating story to go with it
Boris Bennett-East End Photographer to the Stars!
Photos and commentary on legendary 1930's Jewish East End photographer Boris Bennett of Whitechapel Road. Fabulous new photos added May 2012!
Brady Street Cemetery
Views of this beautiful hidden cemetery in London E1.
Brady Club memories
Delightful 1950s and 1940s photos from the Brady Club and stories to go with them
Brune Street Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor
Do you want to know what the inside looks like?  Have a look. Plus Harry Landis shares his memories of visiting the kitchen with his mother
Cemeteries - don't you just love them...and they can be so interesting
A few curiosities are detailed + some great photos!
Cheshire Street synagogue + The Minnie Lansbury Memorial Clock
A forgotten synagogue in a turning off Brick Lane.  A photo revived some memories +++ The Minnie Lansbury Memorial Clock, Bow Rd.  Read about this Jewish heroine and the little known clock erected in her memory.
Christian Street Talmud Torah...and Mieir Tzelniker
An interesting letter about Christian Street and the Merchant of Yiddish plus the Mazin family, Ship Alley, Raine's School, Fairclough Street school and more
Commercial Road Great synagogue, 262 Commercial Rd, London E1
A brief history and three stunning photos of a vanished time and place.
An East End tailor's workshop circa 1949
An interesting photo and letter that tells its own story.  See also from the same source Stepney Workers Sports Club, circa 1936
Christian Missionaries
Curiosities from a bygone age in Christ Church, Spitalfields.
Daniel Mendoza - the father of scientific boxing
A plaque to his memory is unveiled in the East End of London, Sir Henry Cooper and more.
Discovering her Jewish family, a reader writes
From Amsterdam to Riga, a murder, a tailors shop, a heritage. Photos and more
Fieldgate Street 2007
Fieldgate Street synagogue closed temporarily in September 2007, reopened then closed for good in 2012.  View historic scenes from their March 2006 Purim service here: Purim, part 1 & Purim, part 2
Fieldgate Street's Purim scroll (Megillah)
Photos and commentary from a Torah scribe on Fieldgate Street synagogue's historic Purim scroll
Fieldgate Street synagogue, remembering Reverend Baruch Smus
Reverend Smus, z'l, was Chazan of Fieldgate Street synagogue and led an eventful life.  Read about him here.
Friendly Societies: The United Brethren Benefit Society, Grand Order of Israel and Shield of David Friendly Society, The Tent of Righteousness Friendly Society - Jewish friendly societies including the first and the last.
Great Garden Street synagogue Great Garden Street closed in 1996.  It is remembered here.
Harry Landis - veteran East End actor - recalls growing up in the East End
I recently met Harry in Spitalfields market.  Harry kindly wrote the article on this page for the Jewish East End Celebration Society's magazine The Cable
Hessel Street - some jottings, a letter and photos
A film called 'The Vanishing Street', Carver's shoe shop and more.
Isaac Rosenberg, soldier poet of World War One
'Through these Pale Cold Days'.  Remembering Isaac Rosenberg 1890 - 1918 and the University of the Ghetto, Aldgate East
Solomon Lever, Labour politician, Mayor of Hackney
The fascinating story of 'Uncle Solly', Labour politician and East End Jew, told by his nephew
Spanish Civil War, Battle of Cable Street - the story of a Jewish East End hero
Dr Freddy Shaw tells his father's story.
The Jewish Communal Restaurant, Whitechapel
A flyer from the mid 1930s tells of the establishment of this restaurant.  Do you have further information to add? write to me: Phil
Jewish People's Home, Whitechapel, London
Another curiosity, do you know anything about this organisation?
Jewish Cracow
Photos and thoughts on Jewish Cracow, Poland - a 2005 visit.
Jewish heroines
Alice Model, Hannah Hyams, Lily Montagu - three ladies who made a difference.
Jewish History & photos
Jewish History from the Middle Ages to the present.  Photographs of Jewish synagogues, cemeteries, memorials and other sites in Eastern Europe, including Riga, Vilnius, Krakow, Budapest, Prague.  A photographic visit to a World War One German cemetery in Neuville St Vaast, France with commentary.  A World War One memorial in Perth, Australia erected by the Jewish Community of Perth.
Readers help wanted and the most recent letters
As it says...finally getting things up to date!! + lots of photos
Jewish stories, older letters and photos and more
Exactly that.  You are welcome to contribute.
Jews Temporary Shelter - the House of a thousand destinies
The Jews Temporary Shelter in the East End provided vital support to our immigrant forebears. The story of the Shelter, adapted from a talk by former employee Prue Baker + a letter from a couple visiting from the USA who spent their honeymoon night there in 1971!
Jews on bikes
Two South London Jews on bikes - me and my son Ben - available for tv shows (Sky Atlantic?), rides across the USA and all your simchas!
My journey through Eastern Europe, August 2012
Synagogues, sadness...and photos
Emanuel Litvinoff's 'Journey Through a Small Planet'
Jeecs celebrates a new edition of the late Emanuel Litvinoff's East End masterpiece at Nelson Street synagogue
Kuper family, a journey from the East End of London to Houston Texas
A bitter sweet story of one family's post war journey from London to the USA
Letter from the present about a postcard from the past - The Belz syangogue, Commercial Rd
The Belze synagogue, 90 Commercial Rd, London E1 - can you help?
Lithuanian Heritage in the USA
A Lithuanian family emigrates to the USA, their story.
The Maud Nathan Home for Little Children
A long forgotten story of philanthropy and need in a pre welfare state society
Mezuzahs I have spotted on my East End walks
You can still see the occasional mezuzah when walking the East End.  Their owners may be long gone, but sometimes their shadow remains.  Umbra Sumus.
Nelson Street synagogues 90th birthday party, 29 Sept 2013
Read all about it - history, anecdotes, tributes, photos!
The New Yiddish Theatre, corner of Adler Street and Commercial Road
1946 and 1947 scenes from the Yiddish plays: Merchant of Venice, Belsen Performance, King of Lampedusa, Sulamith, all performed at The New Yiddish Theatre, Adler Hall in 1946 and 1947 with additional photos of celebrated Yiddish actors and actresses of the day taken from an archive of press cuttings containing the photographs of Maurice Kaye of 10 Sidney Square, London E1.  Maurice Kaye worked mainly for the long closed Illustrated Theatre Mirror
The Netherlands club, Bell Lane
There were once many Jewish clubs in the East End.  This is the story of one of them: the 'Dutch' club in Bell Lane - includes historic photos...enjoy.
The Novo & the 1882 fire at the Spanish and Portuguese orphanage, Bevis Marks
The sad story of Henry Nunes Martinez, a 10 year old boy who lay forgotten at the Novo cemetery, Mile End. He is remembered here.
The Polonskys of Pelham Street, by Harold Pollins
His family, his story.
Purim at Fieldgate Street Synagogue March 2006
Historic photos of the festival of Purim being celebrated in one of the East End's last surviving synagogues.
Purim and More at Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue
Some history of Fieldgate Street Synagogue and how it relates to the story of Jewish immigration to the East End of London.  Details of synagogues that combined with Fieldgate Street Synagogue as the local community shrank.  Photographs of various foundation plaques and others on display inside Fieldgate Street Synagogue. The story of the Jewish festival of Purim and photos of the celebration of Purim in Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue (to give Fieldgate Street Synagogue its full name).
The Samuda brothers
Sephardic descendants of secret Jews, shipbuilders of Cubitt Town and a connection with Crossness Pumping Station and Bevis Marks synagogue + photos of glorious Crossness Pumping Station.
Sandys Row synagogue
Fabulous photos of a fabulous building and a welcoming community
Selichot service at Fieldgate Street synagogue, 24th September 2011
The first Selichot service in the Jewish East End of London for many years - photos, video,enjoy!
Settle Street Synagogue
Some surprising recent photos.
Simchat Torah at Fieldgate Street
A brief description of the Jewish festival of Simchat Torah with photographs of Simchat Torah celebrations at Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue - including parading the Torah scrolls.
Stoke Newington memories
A letter I liked so much, its got its own page
Stepney Orthodox Synagogue - Rosalind Green Hall, Stepney Green
History and rare photos of the interior
Tubby Isaacs jellied eels passes into history
The East End's favourite purveyor of jellied eels is no more.  It makes you want to weep...jellied eels, jellied eels, wobbling around like wonky wheels...with photos..of jellied eels!
Whitechapel Library, Aldgate East
A celebration of the University of the Ghetto.  Lots of photos
Willesden Cemetery's Stars
A photographic tour of the United Synagogue's Victorian Willesden cemetery with photographs of the graves of some of its most famous Jewish residents.
Memories of Rabbi Yehuda Leib (Lewis) Levene,
Rabbi Lewis Levene of Jubilee Street Great Zionist Synagogue.  A fascinating story.
Memories of Chazan Baruch Smus
Legendary East End Chazan whose name still lives on in Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue.
Memories of The Great Synagogue - Duke's Place
A short but evocative piece.
Memories of Great Garden Street Shul
Photos and commentary on Great Garden Street Synagogue in Greatorex Street.  A reminiscence about Great Garden Street Synagogue by the son of Rev Shaposnick, late minister of the shul.  Reminiscences of the Kosher Luncheon Club in Great Garden Street.
Memories of Growing up in Jewish Stepney before the War
The story of Jewish Life in Stepney before the War by the son of the Rev Mendell Zeffertt, late minister of the East London Synagogue in Rectory Square detailing people, places, shops and entertainment encountered along the way + photos.
Memories of Jews' Free School, Bell lane
Photos from Bell Lane of classes, teachers, playground activities, 1935 Jubilee celebrations, school outings to Crystal Palace, Whipsnade Zoo & Boxmoor and more.  A description of a school visit to Dukes Place Synagogue.  An extract from Israel Zangwill's 'Children of the Ghetto' describing a C19th view of Jews Free School in Bell Lane.
The Royal Fusiliers - 1918 Private Jacob Schneiderson lose's his regiment
A fascinating story told to me by Private Schneiderson's son Peter.
The March of the 38th Royal Fusiliers; when the spirit of Judah Maccabee hovered over the Whitechapel Road
Monday February 4th 1918 - the day the Royal Fusiliers marched down the Whitechapel road, by AJEX archivist Martin Sugarman.
Memories of the Belz synagogue, 90 Commercial Road
Leon Silver, senior warden of Nelson Street synagogue, remembers his family in the Belz synagogue
Memories of The Jewish Legion, World War 1
The story of the Jewish Legion, largely manned by young men from the East End of London with many historic photographs and a chronology of events.  Photographs of World War One embroidered postcards and more.
Memories of growing up in the Jewish East End in the 1950s
Correspondent Rachelle Marks recalls growing up in the Jewish East End in the 1950s.
Memories of growing up in pre war Jewish Mile End
Transcript of a talk given by my mother Leah to a religion school class at South London Liberal Synagogue describing her Jewish life and experiences growing up in poverty in the Mile End area of London before the War.
Memories of the Ruda family
The story of the Polish born Ruda family, landed Jewish Gentry of Sky Peals Estate in Hyams Park, owners of Ruda's Wet Fish Shop in Wentworth Street.  Rare black and white photos of the family.
Memories of Ruda's Wet Fish shop
The story of Ruda's wet fish shop at 16 Wentworth St (Petticoat Lane) by his granddaughter Ruth. Photo of Jack Ruda surrounded by wet fish ready for his Jewish customers.
Memories from Raines Rd to the King of Lampedusa 
A pot pouri of Jewish East End recollections from the 1940' and 1950's by a former Jewish East End of London resident now living in Israel. Photos and commentary.
East End memories of The Troxy, Rev J K Goldbloom, Redmans Rd Talmud Torah, Johnny Isaacs, and more
As it says....
Memories of Rabbi Isaac Suwalsky, publisher of HaYehoodi
Rabbi Isaac Suwalsky pioneered the use of Hebrew as a living   language.  He died in poverty in 1913.
Memories of Redman's Rd Talmud Torah, Philpot St & Boxing
The pre War story of Redman's Road Talmud Torah, head teacher Rev J K Goldbloom and various members of staff.  Appreciative review of the Talmud Torah's activities by noted Jewish scholars including one written in the early 1900's by Hebrew language pioneer Yitzhak Suvelsky.  Singing in the Philpot Street Great Synagogue choir.  Singing at boxing legend Harry Mizzler's wedding at Philpot Street Great Synagogue.  A story about boxing promoter Jack Solomons and his protégée Eric 'Boy' Boon.  A Grodzinski's bakery Fieldgate Street Synagogue and Redman's Road Talmud Torah connection. Photos and commentary.
Memories of a Redman's Rd Talmud Torah Barmitzvah
A Barmitzvah boy's reminiscences of his 1938 Barmitzvah at Redman's Road Talmud Torah with photographs and commentary.
Memories of the Settlement Synagogue/Basil Henriques, Oxford and St George's club
The story of the Oxford and St George's Settlement clubs by a former treasurer and trustee of the organisation with photos and commentary.  Extracts from their camping holiday song book as written by the Gaffer's wife Rose Henriques.
Memories of Oxford and St George's Club's Liverpool Connection
A Liverpool connection with the Oxford and St George's Club, late 1950s early 1960s
Mile End Road Mural
A terrific mural depicting scenes from East End life has appeared on the wall of the premises of T V Edwards solicitors at 33 Mile End Road.  A few snippets can be seen on this page, but a visit is a must
Morris 'Two Gun' Cohen
The amazing story of an old boy of Jews Free School in Bell lane who became a Chinese General by his cousin Dr Cyril Sherer.
Moses Montefiore synagogue and Mausoleum, Ramsgate
A curious connection between Captain Robert Sebag Montefiore, the Montefiore synagogue and Mausoleum in Ramsgate and the Montefiore centre in Hanbury Street + terrific photos of the Montefiore synagogue and Mausoleum and the very odd pub next door.
Plus, Moses Montefiore's diary entry concerning he and his wife Judith's survival of a great sea storm in 1827.  This note is read by the descendants of Moses and Judith Montefiore to this day at the conclusion of their Passover Seder.  Read it here: Passover cake
The Novo Sephardic cemetery, Mile End
This had recently been tidied up (April 2012) and was therefore due a visit.  A few things caught my eye...including the grave of Henry Naphtali Hart, founder of the oldest synagogue in Buenos Aries, and Isaac Cohen Belifante, a former resident of Brick and more...
The Congregation of Jacob - Kehillas Ya'acov story
History and origins of this fascinating little shul in the Commercial Rd, by David Russell of Kehillas Ya'acov.
The Four Per Cent Industrial Dwellings Company Ltd
Ever wondered about that Arch in Wentworth Street?  Read about Lord Rothschild's late 19th Century attempts to clear the slums of the East End of London.
The amazing story of Barney Barnato the Diamond King and his playboy son 'Bentley Boy' Wolf Barnato. 
A few thoughts on fast movers and fast cars.
The Troxy, Commercial Road and its mighty Wurlitzer
The story of how the Hyams Brothers mighty Wurlitzer cinema organ has found a new home in the Troxy, Commercial Road.
Walking the East End
A gentle stroll with me around the East End - enjoy!
News from the Jewish East End Celebration Society
Walks, talks and publications from JEECS.  Why not become a member?
London transport's Routemaster & Trolleybuses
Photos from London's transport past - just for fun!

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"You've heard of Christian Dior, well I'm the Yiddisher Dior", Jackie Brafman, Wentworth Street trader

King Edward 7th memorial drinking fountain, Whitechapel


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