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A letter from the present about a Yiddish postcard from the past - can anyone shed any light?

Dear Phil,

A 1928 postcard sent from the Belze Shtiebel in Commercial Road to  my Grandfather inviting him to a Special Meeting.

Anybody know anything about this shtiebel-synagogue which has amalgamted with Nelson Street? Apparently my grandfather was its founder - member, Rav Zvi Hersh Knopp, z"l and I wonder if anyone has heard of this name: he had a ladies dress shop in Cable Street.

Harold Fenton



Harry's postcard is below:

Postcard from Belze Synagogue, 90 Commercial Rd, London E1

Great Belze Learning and Prayer centre, notice of a meeting - Yiddish and Hebrew

The translation of the Yiddish is:
Great Belze Learning and Prayer centre
Dear sir,
You are cordially requested to attend a very important "General meeting" which will take place PG on Thursday 8 July 1928 at 8 o clock
Agenda "Special",
The President and wardens, Ch. Jakobovitz Secretary
You should be aware that the decisions made will be binding on you whether you are present or not.
Do you have information about the Belze synagogue? 
Write to me: [email protected]
...meanwhile, as the Barry sisters used to sing: "Mein Shteibler Belze..."

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