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Brady Club memories - from Freddy Shaw and Bernie Schweitzer
Freddy Shaw and Bernie Schweitzer were kind enough to send me photos of Brady Club activities from the 1950s (Freddy's photos), and the 1940s (Bernie's photo).  Their respective letters and photos are below.

Plaque on the entrance to what is now called the Brady Arts Centre, Hanbury Street

From Freddy Shaw:

Dear Philip

Herewith two photos of the Brady Girls Club.

The first was a production of A Midsummer's Night Dream about 1952. Front row 2nd from left is my wife Sandra (nee Purkis) as Moth ( a star role!). Four other fairies in the front row from the left are: 4th Sandra Mildner, 5th Rosalind Isaacs, 6th, cousin Barbara Burbridge and 7th Gloria Rubenstein. The other known fairy is my wife's sister Pamela back row 1st from the left.

The other photo was taken at a club display about 1955/6. The gymnasts forming the pyramid on the vaulting box are Rosalind Chicksand on the left, Pamela Purkis on the right and Barbara Burbridge on the top.

Brady shows and displays were taken very seriously and were well presented to enthusiastic audiences - kvelling mums and dads of course!

Regards, Freddy Shaw

A Midsummer's Night's Dream circa 1952

Gymnastic display circa 1956

From Bernie Schweitzer:

Hi Phil,

Your most interesting site brought back memories .......I was born in Hackney in 1929.

I was a member of Brady Boys Club and I have attached a photo of our Concert Party (circa mid 1940's), where we put on shows for members. I cannot remember all the names but will list those that I do.

Top row from left to right: Ivan, Mickey, Unknown, Unknown,  Les  

Bottom row from left to right: Sid (Isackle) Veltman ( my first cousin),  Me

I know that my cousin died many years ago but I don't know about the others and if they are still alive I would love to hear from then - they should all be +/- 80 years old. Oy vey!

I have lived in South Africa for nearly 60 years having emigrated in 1953. My wife Shirley and I were married in England and have just celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary. Whew!

With best regards, Bernie Schweitzer

Brady Club concert party, mid 1940s

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