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Hessel Street, London E1: Carver's Shoe Shop; Free Cinema - a few jottings
Hessel Street was originally called Morgan Street and in its day was a celebrated Jewish East End market specializing in the slaughtering and koshering of chickens.  Today the kosher shops have been replaced with Hallal shops but to get a glimpse of how it used to be I recommend the purchase of a wonderful three dvd boxed set called 'Free Cinema'.  It is available from Amazon or the British Film Institute.  A film featuring Hessel Street is on disc three and entitled 'The Vanishing Street'.  It was made in 1962 and is simply stunning, as is the whole boxed set....which brings me to the point of this webpage.  A correspondent was kind enough to send me a photo of his father's shoe shop in Hessel Street (Carver's) together with his letter.  I found it interesting, I hope you do to.  Phil
Letter re: Carvers Shoe Shop, Hessel Street
Below is a photo 9 Hessel St., my fathers shoe shop (Carver's). I still get people relating to me how their parents purchased their first pair of shoes for them at Carver's, usually around the Yom Tovim.

Carver's Shoe Shop, Hessel Street

My father was in this shop from when he was demobbed after the war in 1945 until mid-60's when the Bangladeshi community took over the street.

The archway states:- 25-40 Morgan Houses. On this side of the street (Eastern side) above the shops were these very old flats. The same entrance led to the basement area at the rear where the abattoir for the kosher chickens was situated and the plucking thereof. This was our playground when we were kids. I do not think "Health & Hygiene" would approve these days.

At the bottom of Hessel Street (at right angles) was Langdale Mansions, it would make an interesting subject if you could confirm what modern business people lived in these buildings and how far they have come.



Hessel Street March 2011

Hessel Street, looking towards Commercial Road, March 2011

 Hessel Street in its Jewish prime - an artist's impression

Hessel Street in its Jewish prime, looking towards Commercial Road - an artist's impression

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