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Nuovo Sephardi cemetery, grounds of Queen Mary's College, Mile EndWednesday 3rd September 2008 -  My favourite organisation, the Jewish East End Celebration Society (Jeecs), honoured the memory of Daniel Mendoza who was born in the East End of London and buried in the Nuovo Sephardi cemetery, located in the grounds of Queen Mary's college, Mile End

Daniel Mendoza (1764 - 1836) was the father of scientific boxing and was buried in the Nuovo Sephardi cemetery, now located in the grounds of Queen Mary's college, Mile End.  Daniel Mendoza was a figure of great renown during his lifetime and earned the Jewish people great respect. Towards the end of his career he toured the country giving demonstration bouts and huge numbers came to see him.  He was truly a superstar of his day.  Months of planning to celebrate his life culminated in the unveiling of a plaque to his memory close by to the spot where he was buried.  Celebrated British heavy weight boxing champion Sir Henry Cooper unveiled the plaque.  This was followed by a talk on the life of Daniel Mendoza by Jad Adams.  The talk was followed by the the reciting of kaddish (memorial prayer), led by the rabbi of Bevis Marks synagogue.  The viewing of Elliot Tucker's film on Jewish boxers of the East End completed a memorable day for the Jewish East End Celebration Society.

Enjoy the photos from the day, below:

Sir Henry Cooper with Jeecs's chairman Clive Bettington

Sir Henry Cooper unveils Jeecs's plaque honouring Daniel Mendoza who was buried nearby in the Nuovo cemetery

Present day members of the Mendoza family witnessing the plaque's unveiling

Sir Henry Cooper with sculptress Louise Soloway who created the plaque

Sir Henry Cooper speaks on Jewish boxers of the East End

Plaque in memory of Daniel Mendoza (1764 - 1836), father of scientific boxing

Sir Henry Cooper's autograph on my invitation!

Guess who got Sir Henry Cooper to autograph his invitation to the unveiling?!

Sadly, Henry Cooper passed away in 2011, but the plaque he unveiled in 2008 is now displayed on the library wall of Queen Mary's College - adjacent to the student cafeteria...see below:-

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