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Selichot (penitential prayer) service at Fieldgate Street synagogue, 24th September 2011 - a great occasion!
It was a real joy to attend the Selichot service at Fieldgate Street synagogue, 24th September 2011.  This historic occasion was the first Selichot service to be held in the East End for many years and the shul was packed.  The wonderful Chazan Moshe Dubiner and Granard Singers Choir led the prayers. 
Traditionally a Selichot service takes place around midnight and I didn't get home until 3am in the morning, but it was worth it!  Not being a Shabbat I was able to take lots of photos which I'm pleased to share...see below:

(Double click photos to enlarge)

The Jewish East Celebration Society had their representative at the service (me!)

Dayan Litchenstein of the Federation of Synagogues welcomes the community to the service

Chazan Moshe Dubiner leads the service

The Granard Singers in front of the Ark

Close up of the Granard Singers

After the service the street outside the shul is packed as the community start to make their way home

You tube video of part of the service + Nat Roos tells you something of this historic shul's history


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