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The Jewish Communal Restaurant, 214 Whitechapel Road, London E1

214 Whitechapel Road today - formerly the Jewish Communal Restaurant, advertised below

The family of the late Max Stander kindly sent me a copy of the flyer below, dating from the mid 1930s, telling of their relative's efforts to set up a kosher restaurant providing free meals for the Jewish poor of Whitechapel.  I have not heard of this institution and would be grateful for any information readers may be able to add.  There are some well known names on the list of patrons: Barnet Janner MP, President of the Board of Deputies; Miriam Moses, Mayor of Stepney, a founder of the Brady Club and founder of the Jewish branch of the Children's Country Holiday Fund; Dr M Gaster, Chief Rabbi of the UK's Sephardi Community.  They also sent me a flyer of a proposed London Jewish People's Home, 98 Whitechapel Road, London E1, complete with a scan of the reverse with Hebrew cursive script on it.  All information gratefully received.
Thanks, Phil

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